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Friday 30th of October, 18.00 GMT

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Become an Ambassador with Two Comma PR
Hey! Welcome to The TWO COMMA PR Ambassador Programme
This IS FOR YOU if you are…
  • Driven and self motivated
  • ​Passionate about helping other entrepreneurs
  • ​Wanting to earn 1-4k regular per month from your phone
  • ​Ready to learn and get involved
  • ​You are an expert in a niche industry
  • ​100% Committed to the Mission of TWO COMMA PR
This IS NOT FOR YOU if you are…
  • Want to make a quick buck and leave
  • Not willing to put in the hard work
  • ​Not willing to invest in yourself or your business
  • ​If you work for any other PR agents or agencies
  • ​Want to promote unethical persons or brands
  • You do not want to help other entrepreneurs
What you will GAIN from working with TWO COMMA PR
Mentored by our CEO, Sabrina Stocker
  • Increased personal credibility and brand awareness
  • Add value to others in your community and industry
  • An added revenue stream through helping others
  • ​Learn more about personal branding and the press

Have you ever wondered how someone gets into Yahoo Finance or Forbes?

Here at Two Comma PR, we find those voices and give them the opportunity to make some noise. Our Sales Reps will be responsible for scouting those individuals and growing the Two Comma PR brand. 
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