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Online Reputation Management - The Secret To Taking Negative Reputation & Making It Positive

Start managing your online reputation today!




Don’t let your offline & online reputation get tarnished by false accusations, complaints, and immature comments. Take back control of your online image. We specialize in online reputation management


We make your business look its best.



Move up positive information in Google

Using proven techniques and strategies, we move up positive content.


Move down false & negative information

Negative information is moved to the bottom of Google where it is hard to find.


You take control of your online image

Instead of being held hostage by false information, you take control of your reputation.


Strategic release of content to maximize impact

We select the most relevant websites to boost your reputation quickly.


What is Online Reputation Management & How can it Help my Business?

Reputation management is about ensuring that the potential customers see your business for what it truly is, instead of what a vocal minority puts online. By using reputation management it makes your other marketing efforts easier. Instead of playing catch-up to overcome false impressions, you receive more leads generated, website referrals, increased effectiveness for your marketing efforts, and more time to grow your business.

The best way to cut through the noise

Everyday, customers use search engines, like Google, to discover and evaluate businesses. In a split second they decide if your business is trustworthy or if they should go with someone else.

The problem is that the Internet doesn’t always give an accurate story. Unfairly, negative reviews and opinions can clog up the search results. That’s where reputation management can help. It helps you look your best online, no matter where a customer searches.

Reputation management basic concepts

  • Create a positive presence on all the major internet channels

  • Watch closely as new information populates

  • Strategically increase the value and placement of positive content

  • Aggressively move negative content out of the way

  • Diversify your presence to maximize positive content

  • Keep online information fresh and up to date

  • Monitor your position and health against competition

  • Synchronize marketing efforts

Reputation management saves you time and money

Done right, reputation management removes the roadblocks for your companies success. If you are trying to increase your visibility online, but your online presence is marred with negative comments, then you will continually be frustrated.

Process overview


Claim your spot – By creating a presence on all of the major web properties, you are taking the first step to proactively boost your brand.

Monitor the discussion – You can’t make changes until you understand what people are saying about you.

Move up positive content – Using our proven techniques we make the positive content rise to the top.

Move negative content out of the way – We aggressively clear the table pushing the negative content to the bottom of the search results.

Diversify – Rinse and repeat the process until the search results reflect a proper image of your business

Keep it fresh – The internet is always changing, you need an advocate to make sure your reputation is always in good standing.

Measure your results – See how you are really doing, by regularly measuring your goal progress.

Synchronize your marketing – By utilizing reputation management your increase all aspects of marketing.

The Top Factors of Online Reputation Management

Your brand’s reputation is made up of what people believe about your business. By employing third-party endorsements you increase the authenticity of your online reputation. Below are the top factors that affect your reputation, and how you can leverage them for your company.

The Top Factors of Online Reputation Management

Your brand’s reputation is made up of what people believe about your business. By employing third-party endorsements you increase the authenticity of your online reputation. Below are the top factors that affect your reputation, and how you can leverage them for your company.


Online Presence

Fact: Your reputation is comprised of what people find through search. Fairly or unfairly, search engines, like Google, decide what is shown about a businesses. It might be reviews, business directories, social media, or other, but all of these sources need to share the same positive story.

Claiming and Optimize – Claim your web properties immediately. This can include social sites, review pages, or business directories like the yellow pages. Make sure to check each site that it has accurate contact information.

Connect Your Properties – By linking between sites, you begin to establish brand authority.

Uniformity – Having your business contact information and address correct throughout the internet will help increase the rankings of positive content.




Reviews are being accessed by more customers everyday. So having a strong reputation for online review sites is one of the most important steps you can take. But you can’t stuff the ballot box for yourself, because users are looking for authenticity.Monitoring & Prioritizing – We determine which sites are most influential for reviews. This depends upon your industry and prospect base. We make sure those positive reviews are front and center.

Boost the number and breadth of existing reviews – We help you increase the number of reviews you are getting and help proliferate those reviews to other sites.


Social Media

Social media has given power to the customer. It also can be a great source for referrals. By engaging with social media, you put a human face on your business and demonstrate your customer care. It is a great platform for solidifying your reputation.

Claim your turf – Create a beautiful listing on each social channel. Be an active participant, but don’t always dominate the conversation. By spotlighting your customer comments, and helpful information, you become part of the larger community.

Respond quickly – Setup processes that allow you to quickly reply back to customer inquiries, but don’t use canned answers as that corrodes social authenticity.



Surveys give you direct access to customer opinions. By providing a channel for customers to express their opinions, reduces the odds that they will complain or post online. It also increases customer sentiment as they feel like they are being heard.

Provide multiple channels of communication – By providing several feedback avenues, you decrease the likelihood that a customer will seek out his own channel.

Follow up with negative feedback – By controlling the feedback channel, you avoid the negative comments from showing up online. By following up directly and in a timely fashion will also minimize the chances that a customer will seek out a public platform to complain.

Take action – Look for trends and patterns in the reviews. By gathering so many comments, it can help you improve your business processes.



Your online reputation is constantly changing and evolving. You need to diligently watch and measure what is being said about you online. You don’t want your efforts to slowly deteriorate.

Tracking – What are the top results when someone searches your brand? Is their any negative piece of content that has risen to prominence? How many reviews are you getting? What is their star rating?

Setting alerts – Setup alerts for when people post new information about you online. This is an easy way to monitor your online reputation.

Regular reporting – In-depth information about your exact brand position and the effectiveness of our management, delivered monthly.



Reputation is relative: a four-star rating only looks good if everyone else has three stars. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know where you excel and where you lag behind. If you have multiple business locations, you also need to see which are performing best and which need improvement.

Monitor local competition – How are your competitors managing their reputation online? Is there any areas you can exploit? What areas are they being successful in that you could mimic?

Setting the right benchmarks – Understand where your competition and industry are standing and then set goals to exceed their performance. 100 4 star reviews is less impressive if your major competitor has thousands of 4.5 star reviews. Setting the right benchmark helps you realize meaningful success.



If you have multiple locations, the need for a positive online reputation is multiplied. When working with our team, we help synchronize and focus your marketing efforts. Instead of both locations suffering independently, we clear the table for your marketing teams to be successful.

Scaling – There is the overall brand reputation, but also the micro-brand reputation. Is there a particular branch or location that is suffering? Maybe it is an entire region or coast to coast image problem? We can effectively handle and improve all areas of your reputation.

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