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"I invited Sabrina Stocker as a business coach after seeing her success on Apprentice 2018. We had an initial 3 days to brain storm the Business and Sabrina implemented a business strategy, which would involve a lot of work internally. With her mindset and strong management skills, we took Sabrina on for implementing the new organisation structure and processes. I have been very satisfied with the work Sabrina has done for our business"

-  Sylvia Liu, Lash Heaven

"When I first contacted Sabrina to discuss a partnership with her, I did not expect for us to see over 3 million page views and 500,000+ users in less than 3 weeks, without spending a single penny. Sabrina knows exactly how to address the media and manage public relations extremely effectively, whilst utilising her own personal brand. Within just a few days of preparation, our branding was all over the national and regional press! I'm absolutely amazed with Sabrina's ability to constructively create a 'media masterpiece', whilst remaining consistently positive throughout each milestone of the project!"

-  Jason Moore, Shopping Slot

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